Site is moving!!!

All followers… Radio 19 is moving all future posts over to COMA Radio’s page, so join us by going here and follow us there.  You can tune into the station from there using any of your audio devices.  Can find us on social media and put in requests, as well.

Have a wonderful day, hope you had a great shopping weekend, and see you on the flip side!

~DJ Chassit, Radio 19, and COMA Radio~


COMA Radio: Brought to you by COMA Music Magazine Click the picture for a direct link

COMA Radio: Brought to you by
COMA Music Magazine
Click the picture for a direct link

Hello there music listeners!  I know we have gone into radio silence here in the past few months but there have been some things in the works.

After some talk with the new owner of COMA Music Magazine, Radio 19 has decided to go into collaborations with COMA again and we will be bringing about the rise of COMA Radio once more.

What does this mean for Radio 19?

Firstly, Radio 19 will be returning to it’s old name (COMA Radio) once more.  It has been two years since COMA Radio shut down but Jaymie, COMA Music Magazine’s new owner, has asked that we bring back the oontz to COMA and resurrect COMA Radio… so that is in the works.

Secondly, DJ Chassit will be joined by other DJs and Podcasters on the station, allowing you listeners a change of style and host.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, COMA Radio will bring you live hosted music, the hottest Industrial scene podcasts, live interviews and guest appearances from various artists, radio contests, and lots more.

Tertiary, Club COMA will be coming to life within the virtual world of Second Life, where you can meet the various DJs of COMA Radio, staff from COMA Music Magazine, dance your pixelated butt off, chill with other like minded people, and occasional surprise visits/events with some of the industries hottest artists.

So keep your ears peeled for the official announcement.  Radio 19 has been shut down for the moment for some upgrades and reorganization, but it will be back within the next few days with more for your listening pleasures.

d[-_-]b DJ Chassit d[-_-]b

Image★★      WHO:    DJ Chassit
·!¦[·♫♪ WHERE: MysterySLand Radio 19 Castle Stage
•¸•        WHEN:   10 PM – 12 PM PST
[►]      WHAT:   Electronic Mix!

DJ Chassit here, snagging the stream after FreakNStein’s awesome set to close out the evening until our final day of MysterySLand tomorrow.  New DJs and three other wonderful stages for you to come see here at the festival, so come on down!  If you don’t have a toon in SL, you know you want to… So just give in and come enjoy the limitless possibilities of your Second Life!

d[-_-]b DJ FreakNStein d[-_-]b

Image★★      WHO:    DJ FreakNStein
·!¦[·♫♪ WHERE: Radio 19 Castle Stage
•¸•        WHEN:   8 PM – 10 PM

Teh awesome chica DJ FreakNStein has stole the stream from DJ Cerval after his awesome set and is ready to make you sweat to a mash-up of electronic tunes!  Come on down while the place has room or lose your spot!  Can’t make it into SL?  Tune in from your browser because this girl is HAWT!

The Demoness has invaded the stream!!!!!

Image☣WHO:  DJ Demongirl Gothi
☣WHERE:  Radio 19 Castle
☣WHEN:  8:00pm-10:00pm PST

Come on  down and  celebrate industrial   music  with us in the Radio 19 Castle at MysterySLand.  Stomp them feets to the harsh beats of bands such as Agonoize, Dawn of Ashes, Combichrist, Grendel, Suicide Commando and way more! Come celebrate with the  Demoness!!!!

DJ Tyr tearing it up!

Image☣WHO:  DJ Tyr
☣WHERE:  Radio 19 Castle
☣WHEN:  6:00pm-8:00pm PST

DJ Tyr’s snagged the stage in the Radio 19 Castle and whipping up some good jams to keep ya stomping! He’ll be mixing artists such as Prodigy, Phosgore, Squarehead, Cryogen Second, Bassnectar, Ministry and tons more. Grab the LM attachment and come on down!!

Party is just warming up!  Tune in or come on down!

The one and only DJ SPiN!!!!!!!

Image☢  DJ:  SPiN “Teh Ebil One”
☢  Genre:  EBM/Industrial/Aggrotech
☢  Where:  MysterySLand Festival Radio19 Castle
☢  When:  8-10pm SLT

Ooooooo it’s time to bring some ebilness up into this dark, mysterious castle!  It’s the one, the only, DJ SPiN of Club SiN leading the way as she fills your ear with awesome tunes from artists such as Combichrist, Dawn of Ashes, Noisuf-X, Grendel & many more!  Grab the limo & come down to the hottest party on the grid!  Rawrrrrr!